What is the one thing you really need?

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What is the one thing you really need?

We all ask this question when we decide to make a purchase. Do I really need this item? Is it a need or a want? Is it in my budget? Then the idea of purchase loses its value and we trade in our thoughts for something more lucrative. If I had a more challenging high-paying job perhaps, I could purchase more? We have it if you dare…HERE! Did you know there are really 5 basic needs of people? Some of us have a need to belong. We have a need to know. A need for speed? We may need a list but we definitely have a need for love. Think about this…what are some needs? What do I need to do today? Do I need to get that? What do I need that for? Whatever the need I will try to locate it for you.

What is the one thing you really need?

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I need you the most. Essentially, I need the idea of people reading my blog and rationalizing what you need today. Moreover, I think this needs to be said, that most people need assistance figuring out what their needs and wants are. Sometimes we need a vacation. Even though you may believe she or he is all you need, we need a change of relationships because they become stale over time. We all jump on the need bandwagon until searching for the need dies out. So, what is the theory of need? As human beings, we continually contemplate the needs of the family before our own. The questions are not so much what you need but are is it all you will ever need? This is why I need you to get what you need and save time and energy searching elsewhere. So, if you need healing or know someone who does, you need this Healing Power Book.

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