Heaven or Hell is in Your Hands!

Heaven or Hell is in Your Hands

Everything we do is from our own perspective. What we see, what we do, and ultimately, what we believe. Heaven or Hell is in your hands, use your time wisely. One day I was mowing my lawn and my mother walked over to the staircase where the mower is stored. Upon approaching she expressed, “These steps are deep like a gateway to hell.” She inquired, “You trek this staircase every time you mow the lawn? I had never envisioned the stairway as a gateway to hell but access to my mower. So, as we age our perspective of life changes and what we view from time to time is associated with where we are in reference to how long we’ve been here. Seasoned citizens view life as an approaching end time. On the other hand, youngsters see life as a game, full of excitement, and never-ending fun. But there is an end game for everyone. Someone once told me serving jury duty is hell on earth. I couldn’t quite fathom the experience as hell because I was excited to serve. But this is one perspective.

heaven or hell is in your hands

How we view what occurs in life is a life-changing event but how we actually deal with it is the ultimate lesson. Is there a heaven or hell? Some say, yes it is. But where is the door? Is it in a dungeon of a building or perhaps a hole in the planet off limits to humankind? Where ever the location is, if it is our destiny to meet it, it will be a truly rude awakening. Oftentimes, we traverse through this life fulfilling our aspirations and goals. We don’t take into account, how we interact with humankind on a daily basis but move about as life beings going to and from about our business. But did you know, interactions with each other is how we will be judged in addition to our acts? And your response to those interactions will determine your ultimate end destiny. Really, Heaven or Hell is in your hands.

Heaven or Hell is in Your Hands!

Who judges Heaven or Hell? I guess it depends on the value you place on the person doing the judging. We all have experienced some inappropriate judging from family and peers and wonder while they are judging you, four fingers are turned on them. It is incredibly important to not lose sight, judgment is on God alone. Where you wind up in eternity will be determined by the road you travel here on earth. First, you have to know there is a “broad way.” And if many of you read the Bible know, Jesus is trying to convey that the broad way is wide open. Why? Because anything goes on the broad way. You can be the king of the road and make your own decisions without answering to anyone. You can live as you please. Go where you want, do what you want and be what you want. It is your life and you call the shots because pleasing you is your choice. This is what the broad way is about. But just as there is a broad way, there is a “narrow way” too. And the narrow way is the exact opposite of the broad way.

Heaven or Hell is around the Corner!

Heaven or Hell
Don’t sleep on it! Where will you end up?

What road are you taking now? Are you on the broad path or the narrow way? Remember, the broad way is wide open and easy. On the narrow way, you can’t take your sins with you. When you travers the narrow way, you have to choose to surrender and submit your life to the Lord for all intent and purposes. And if you can’t give up your sins, the rules will change. Furthermore, the Narrow way brings awesome benefits that cannot be obtained by any other means. Climate consequences has given thought to most that this is the end times. And if this is the case then Heaven or Hell is in your hands.

Sporadic weather and seasonal changes predict a combined effects of higher temperatures and changing rainfall. Governments are attempting to understand the climate impacts that will be felt to a greater or lesser degree by communities across the country in the next 20 years, topped by damage to their coastal infrastructure, their built environment, and ecosystems. But with all this in mind, the end will come whether we are vastly prepared or not.

Heaven and Hell exist!

Moreover, we know a change is coming because it was predicted in the Bible and by others. But we all will experience our own individual climate reality when it is upon us and nothing we can do will change it. In a society where everyone is right and no one likes to accept the fact that there are “corrects” and “incorrects”, what we do in the next decade will make no difference. Instead of wondering where I’m going with this post, come to an understand that any fear about Heaven or Hell should cause us to press in more to discover the truth about it, rather than ignoring its existence. Finally, the painful reality is we all will die and Heaven and Hell are real and we’re going to one of them. Will it be Heaven or will it be Hell for you?

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