Meditation Helps you get Peace of Mind

Meditation Helps you get Peace of Mind 1

Did you know Meditation helps you get peace of mind?

Well, it does. When I travel on the roads for a tour, road trip, or work, I see things differently. Ultimately, my mind goes to various places where I find tranquility and rest. No, not like in church but in my car visualizing where I want to be. Someone once told me years ago, meditation eases the mind and I’ve been taking steps to improve my outlook on relaxation. So, we’ve opted to offer a sort of peace of mind here to give you a break from the trek of the day. Meditation helps you get peace of mind and this is how we do it.

Whenever I’m feeling anxious and stressed, meditation always makes me feel better. This is because, after a stressful day, meditation helps reduce the negative dimensions of psychological stress in my brain. And the magic of meditation is it grounds you in the here and now, which helps eliminate worry related to the past and future. Consequently, there are different types of meditations. There are mindfulness meditation, Christian meditations, transcendental meditation, and meditation for beginners. However, most methods are easy to grasp with the 11-minute MP3 player track.


We can help you gain peace of mind!

Meditation works in all kinds of situations especially athletes who need that mental stillness that translates into them being able to tune out noise from the crowd. This helps them streak out their best performance for the rest of the game. Ideally, creating a formal daily practice of meditation can maximize slashing stress and elevate happiness. Believe it or not, you can meditate while standing in line at a coffee shop instead of grabbing that cell phone and mindlessly scrolling. Just stand there and be with yourself works wonders for the mind. Because the mind needs to have peace, total peace from the distractions of the world to build mindfulness muscles. These activities help you filter out stress and distractions and respond to life in a calmer, less judgmental manner.

Meditation Heals the Mind and Body

You can take pills to get you there or a ritual to help you float there. Either way, we will make those stressful days obsolete and life bearable. Now it only goes to reason why anyone’s life would be unbearable but it happens. We have located a blanket of peace in a harsh world on an 11- minute MP3 player track.

If you will sit back, close your eyes and visualize the sandy beaches of Delaware with 70s winds, seagulls caulking, and clear blue water as far as the eyes can visualize, you will experience the benefits of meditation. Visualize your favorite person lying beside you on the beach soaking up the sun and feeling the summer breeze. Mindfulness meditation increases happiness and decreased anxiety. Because meditation underestimate short periods of time not realizing how much time has passed away. Regardless of short or long time periods, people express that they felt like time passed quickly during meditation compared to people who do not meditate.

How our mind perceives time depends on a variety of factors, including the length of time being estimated. More broadly speaking, how we choose to engage with the world around us and how attentive we choose to be can deeply affect how we experience the passing of time day to day. If we are attentive and engaged moment to moment, with the same focus, awareness, and alertness that meditation demands, we may be able to experience a fuller and richer sense of the day.

Meditation helps ease the mind!

Then ponder how you will feel when the tide rises on that beach and the cool water rushes upon you both and create a sunken pocket of moisture between your legs, lower back, and sides. Are you still with me? Take a deep breath. Go to a place of comfort for you. It can be the mountains, beach, girlfriend or boyfriend’s house, any place that brings peace in a confusing world. Incorporating meditation in your life will enhance wellness rituals to set the stage for positive improvements

Mindful mediation is a practice to focus on the present with no judgment. In life there will always be mental and physical discomfort but we have to learn how to breath to get the stress out of the head. A simple technique to breath: 3-second inhale, 3-second pause, 3-second exhale, 3-second pause. If whatever frustrates you in this life, learn a simple technique of breathing will calm that tainted beast within.rmeditation

Remember to breath! See the brief video, Lalah Hathaway- Just breath, it ain’t the end of the road. Meditation is short and strong enough to fit into your busy schedule. Everything is going to be all right. Remember to breath!