Anthem Origin: Gaming at its Best!

Anthem Origin: Gaming at its Best!

If you game, you know what the Anthem Origin is, if not, it is a sophisticated existence where the wall of armor to protect you from beyond is compromised. You either live by the choices you make or die trying to change them. The game is challenging. When I first played, it gobbled me up. The shooting apparatus was difficult for me to control and didn’t know how to use the uniform in the virtual world. I didn’t stand a chance and I didn’t fair well. I expired. But you won’t. You will have the agility to master the armor and protect the world as it was designed to occur. Each armor provides power to the player. You just have to know how to use it to survive. Anthem Origin takes skills and relentless agility, and power. The challenge is present but will you take it and survive?

Anthem Origin
Protectors of the World!


Anthem Origin: Gaming at its Best! 1
Unleash the Power!

The world of Anthem is a half-created land abandoned by the gods. It can take a while to warm up to Anthem but when you do, it’s exhilarating. In the intro mission, you are a rookie Freelancer-a hero type who battles threats to humanity in mechanized combat suits called Javelins. But that mission ends in failure. As a result, everyone talks to you as if you know everything about the world even though there is always a mystery to it. The Storm Javelin became my favorite because it has both interesting elemental abilities and can hover for minutes not seconds at a time before being seen. More importantly, it’s the only Javelin that doesn’t require frequent stops on the ground and proves dynamic combat gear on the battlefield. If I played more, I would be a challenge.

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