Aweber Email Made Plain!

Aweber Email Marketing Made Plain!

If you have never heard of Aweber, get ready for an enlightening story. I have tried just about every email marketing company until I found Aweber. I’m not the smartest person on the planet but integrating contacts on most email marketing platforms has been difficult for me and I end up discontinuing use. If it has too many steps to complete the task before I get it up and running, I’m gone. What I desire is simplicity at best and support when I need it. I’m not going to bash the other email marketing companies because there are a lot out there. But do your homework. Research the amenities of each and you will agree, Aweber surpasses the competition.

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The Brand Speaks Volumes!

Let’s us talk about the features for a minute. Aweber offers my personal favorite, access to 7-days a week, email, phone, and chat support. Then there is email automation to send those messages in a timely fashion from Aweber’s drag and drop editor. Email newsletters split testing, HTML templates, and tagging is some of the features that inspired me to switch. Did I also discuss the billing cycle? I should have discussed this first, we all want to know the price of a thing right? I love Aweber’s billing scale that offers each client all the robust features without the huge cost upfront. Wondering why the switch and from whom? Would that be fair to the competition? Okay, I switched from GetResponse because of the lack of support 7-days a week. There you have it. I need support.

Aweber Email Marketing!

Aweber allowed me to create email messages for my clients without the hassle of difficulty. Remember, simplicity is my arena. If it is too difficult to develop then it’s over. No, my relationships are not like email marketing. Gotcha! Aweber stands out as a brand leader to me and you will agree when you get started!