Ultimate Savings for Decentralized Travel

decentralized travel
Ultimate Savings for Decentralized Travel

XCELTRIP is the step into the future with travel arrangements.

I discovered this subtle pioneer in the industry by using the ultimate savings for decentralized travel. Additionally, I found out that using the blockchain technologies erased the middleman. Then realized Xceltrip is an expert in Blockchain Travel solutions and is the only solution where I (consumer) and vendors both win.

Here are 3 Steps of Evolution in the Travel Industry.

I want you to visualize as did I why Xceltrip can take us into the future in Step 3 of the Evolution. With XCELTRIP, we are removing layers of middlemen and administrators with better pricing for customers and vendors.xceltrip

Before the Internet was available?

I had to schedule all my travel needs through a travel agent. This method increased cost associated with administrators. Additionally, I would become frustrated with the ongoing delays on the phone waiting for a representative to return. Only to receive information my flight is canceled or rerouted. Subsequently, along came the Internet and progression into Step 2.xceltripThen we enter the age of the Internet. Essentially, during the latter part of the 90s, online travel was available through Cheap Flights, Expedia, and others. There was a leap from administrative cost to multiple databases. Accordingly, with centralized databases everywhere it created technical issues and affected customer delays and overbookings, remember? So, as technology changed, I have too. I have the vision of Xceltrip and am using it for all my travel needs. It is cost effective.

xceltripxceltripThe vision of XCELTRIP brings us into the future.

By eliminating the Broker/Dealer platform and added fees in Step 2, we advanced two levels of improvement.

  • All human errors are eliminated using blockchain technologies.
  • Eliminating several layers of admin, staff, obsolete database.

Xceltrip is not just a full-service Online Travel platform but a “Decentralized Travel Eco-system”:

xceltripThe vision is to empower travel partners (corporations) and pass down those savings from middlemen to our partners (us).

  • We offer the best price to travelers and the lowest booking fees for vendors. Our system is built on the blockchain cryptic ledger and is the most trusted technology for data security. Check out our IMP program.

JOIN US and earn huge rewards:

xceltripAs our partner, you will have access to our world-class “XcelTrip Marketing System” that is developed to grow your business with the ultimate goal of improving your bottom line.