Harassment & Discrimination

Harassment & Discrimination: ADA Compliance

We are going to discuss a subject that has been an issue in the workplace for some time. Sexual discrimination has received a lot of attention in the past couple of years due to the #MeToo movement. But these issues are not new. In addition to sexual discrimination, employees with disabilities have been wrongly discriminated too. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has tracked discrimination on the basis of physical or mental disability. Employers have a responsibility to become compliant and disabled employees have a right to know what to do when violated. You can enroll in a class with OSHA to learn the regulations to compliance regarding Americans with disabilities.

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ADA Compliance

Additionally, there is a rise in ADA litigation. Although the ADA was passed and amended in 2008, employers must accommodate employees who can perform the essential functions of a job with the aid of an accommodation. People who have physical or mental disabilities are capable of being productive and dedicated workers. The reports the EEOC receive of charges against disability discrimination has a long-standing history from litigants causing emotional and mental anxiety and depression. You can learn how to become compliant in harassment and discrimination for Americans with Disabilities by taking the course offered from OSHA. Learn the regulations for compliance by taking courses with OSHA in Harassment and Discrimination: ADA Compliance.