Simple Fertility Alternatives

Simple Fertility Alternatives

We are going to share simple fertility alternatives to help with speculating. You are not alone. The disappointment, sadness, frustration, and anger for the inadequacy to fall pregnant. Many couples experience this issue but we will share information to effectively reverse infertility.simple fertility secrets

You Can Fall Pregnant!

I had a time getting pregnant at the beginning. When I did, the pregnancy was miscarried in the early months twice. I didn’t give up. I tried again until the 3rd time I fell pregnant. The 4th time I fell pregnant and I was careful during each pregnancy. As women age, the ability to fall pregnant becomes rare but it can occur. I was anxious and not eating the right foods or sleeping properly. My blood count was a little low but I attributed that to worrying and not eating or sleeping properly. As I weighed in the options along with prayer realized it was not only in my head but my actions.

So, I started monitoring my food consumption, taking vitamins, and taking a different approach to motherhood and if I would become one. Then my gynocologist discussed that women with blood type O have higher FSH levels when compared to other blood types (A, B, AB). Additionally, I was told, researchers discovered that women with blood type O who participated in the fertility treatments at the Yale Univerity InVitro-Fertilization program were twice as likely to have elevated FSH levels of above 10. This is right on the cusp of fair to diminished ovarian reserve.

The reason suggested that women with blood type A carry an A antigen which is missing in blood type O. The key is how to lower high FSH levels to produce higher quality eggs. Moreover, consider having an anti-Mullerian hormone test. This test will demonstrate what level of ovarian reserve you have. This will indicate whether low ovarian reserve may be a cause of your elevated FSH levels. Replace 25 grams of animal protein with 25 grams of plant protein would lower your risk of ovulatory infertility by 50%. Now is the time┬áto change your and your loved one’s health and well-being for the better.

Simple Fertility Secrets awaits…

simple fertility secretsAn amazing life-changing source of information will help you find the results you seek to improve pregnancy results. Do not give up!

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