USA Wine of the Month Club

USA Wine of the Month Club

This is the World’s Largest Wine of the Month Club. Our friends in the United States have come to learn the greatest opportunity of Wine Lovers on this side of global involvement. Come join in the experience as a VIP Customer or review the shared Opportunity as a Representative. We are seeking Wine Lovers who desire to:

  • Have Wines Hand Picked by Sommeliers, access to wines at super low Member Pricing (2-3 times less than retail pricing)
  • Access to our Refer 3 and it’s Free (free wine for life) Program
  • My personal favorite is having the wine delivered right to my door! And it is from the best wine regions in the US in 2018.

More importantly, we are seeking representatives to get in, get wine, and get social with us; building a leadership team.

VIEW THE OPPORTUNITY HERE┬áBe sure to select the United States in the Top Right Corner under “My Country” to see it broken down in your Currency.

Follow the 3 Steps below to get set up as a Customer or to Join our Team

wine of the month

 wine of the month clubGo Here to Enroll and Set up your Wine of the Month Business with us.

 wine of the month club

Moreover, select the Level of Customer you desire to be, you can always upgrade later. Selecting 2, 4 or 6 bottles monthly is entirely up to you.

Ultimately. you can Join in with getting your Own Wine of the Month Club by becoming an Independent Rep. 92% of our Team comes in at the Premium Wine Lover Elite. It’s elementary when you consider the income possibilities to share the USA wine of the month club with your friends and family. Engage a wine tasting event to share the product. People love having reasons to get together and wine is a motivator.


premium wine lovers

USA Wine of the Month Club wine of the month club

Then pick your 2, 4 or 6 Bottles a Month Membership. Representatives receive 4 bottles a month.

NOTE: Regardless of your ONE TIME Enrollment Purchase, Representatives will be receiving 4 Bottles Monthly. Additional Wine can be purchased at huge savings (up to 40% off the Super Low Member Pricing).

Hence, get your Enrollment Link and access to your Back Office. And Start sharing this Exciting Proven Business Model with your Colleagues. Subsequently, you’ll be able to share with them your direct link for your own “Wine of the Month Business” with us. Moreover, you can share some of the best US wine production by state. And we will be working with you together to build the income and possibilities with proven support and marketing systems and tools.

For Customers: We will reach out and support you. Should you wish to refer to others, we will help you do that too. Consequently, we have been helping hundreds of customers get their wine each month for Free.

For Reps: We will be focusing on growing our Family of Representatives and will be all working on our Customers. We have incredible and proven training and Marketing Systems ready to instruct you on. Once your application is received, we will be contacting you immediately with information to get started.

The Possibilities are Endless

The ongoing possibilities of earning are becoming more common in the wine industry. In fact, more people are recognizing the American wine prices are steep but not in this wine club. More people are discovering the immense value in fine wine and the income potential in sharing the venture. Today, you can learn and grow in this industry and share the venture with others.

Incredible Global Involvement.

  • Subsequently, we are in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, and Germany. We are growing into Mexico and Canada in the 3rd Quarter of 2019. All Reps have the ability to market in all Countries in our expansion.
  • World-Class Marketing, Business Building Training, Sales Tools, and Marketing Systems all available. You will be contacted with these upon your Enrollment. Get Started Now!