Why Not Fly For Free?

Why Not Fly For Free?

Did you know there are multiple ways to fly anywhere in the US for free? The secret is to accumulate and use airline awards. Why not fly for free, it’s easy to learn. Whether you travel for business or personal, use your travel rewards every year. For one thing, travel rewards could expire so typically when you use your credit card, those rewards remain active.

Figure this in for a minute!

Moreover, travel rewards don’t appreciate. Imagine that at the beginning of 2015, you had 30,000 travel points you could redeem for $0.01 per point. You saved them until the start of 2019 and redeemed them for $300 in travel expenses.

It’s the same $300 redemption in 2015 and 2019. But due to inflation, $300 in January of 2015 has the same buying power as $323.11 in January of 2019. By waiting to redeem your points, you get less value from them.

So, if you really want to redeem your travel rewards, keep it simple. Use your travel rewards on your next trip.

Start Booking your Tickets Today!

Let’s say you’re booking tickets for a domestic flight in three months. If that’s the only confirmed travel on the horizon, redeem your travel rewards for that trip to save money. But if you know that you’ll be visiting Europe in a year, you could be better off saving your points and redeeming them for that trip to get more value. The point is these redeemable rewards help to fly for free. Remember, to book an airline that doesn’t charge baggage fees to reap the benefits of really traveling free.

How to fly for free
Redeemable Rewards

Southwest Airline lets you check two (2) bags for free regardless of your ticket class or where you’re flying. Hawaiian Airline has free checked bags for international flights and many international carriers do not charge for checked bags, including Air France, Air New Zealand, Emirates, and Korean Air. Free means free, if you don’t want to spend any cash, a little research is needed on your part.

How to fly for free
Complimentary Checked Baggage

I’ve given you the basics to avoid fees. Additionally, if you qualify for an airline-branded credit card, usually get free checked baggage too. Because cardholders are promised a slew of travel perks, including complimentary checked baggage. When all else fails, pack sparingly and put everything you need into a carry-on.